Loan Eligibility Criteria for Retail Loan Guaranty

  1. Loan to Collateral Ratio - To be eligible for guaranty, the account shall involve a principal obligation not to exceed:

    Socialized Housing (P400,000 & below) 90% of appraised value
    Low-Cost Housing (Above P400,000 to P3.0m) 90% of appraised value
    Medium-Cost Housing (Above P3.0m to P4.0m) 80% of appraised value
    Open-Housing (Above P4.0m) 70% of appraised value

  3. Term of the Loan - Not to exceed thirty (30) years

  4. Location
    • The property must be located in an urban center;
    • If located in a subdivision, must be fully developed and of Class "A" development per provisions of PD 957 or BP 220-A, i.e. concrete roads and gutters, underground drainage systems, water, and electrical facilities;
    • If not located in a subdivision, must be in area classified as residential with direct access to sewerage, water, drainage, roads, and electrical facilities;
    • Not in flood prone or lahar endangered areas;
    • Accessible to transportation and communication facilities.

  5. Terms and Conditions